15 Things You Discover When You Get A Cat

| Published on February 4, 2015

Some people think cats are just fuzzy little creatures that live somewhat independently in your home. Others, however, have realized that owning a cat is a lot different than it may appear. In fact, there are quite a few things first-time cat owners discover when they open up their home to their first feline friend.

#1 – The Cat Owns You


This one may not seem obvious at first, but day in and day out you’ll begin to realize the majority of your life has become making sure your cat is happy.

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#2 – Cats Love Destroying Toilet Paper


You thought this was a dog thing, right? It is, but only because cats gave them the idea.

#3 – You Can Have Cats or Plants – Not Both


Cats love plants. They love to lay in them, smash them, eat them and knock them over spilling dirt everywhere in your carpet.

#4 – Computers & Books Are Beds


Need to write that essay? Finish reading that book? No problem, your cat will lay right on top of your laptop and books to make sure you fail.

#5 – Cats Love People Food


You thought this was a dog thing too, didn’t you? That’s what your cat wants you to think so he can steal your steak when you aren’t looking.

#6 – You Can Never Take Enough Pictures of Your Cat


Cats are funny and they do funny things all the time. At first you’ll think everyone loves your pictures, but you’ll soon realize you’re like the new mom who posts 50 photos per second.

#7 – Your Cat is the Cutest Cat


Most cats are cute, but no cat is as cute as yours. It’s impossible for another cat to be as cute as yours and no, you aren’t biased.

#8 – Middle-of-the-Night Playtime is a Thing



Trying to sleep? Never fear, your cat’s need to run around the house like a maniac at 3am will make sure you’re wide awake.

#9 – Cats Knock Things Over On Purpose



When something is in your way, you move it. Well, your cat does to, except it just happens to knock it over. Maybe that glass of water on your table was just right where your kitty needed to sit. It looks better spilled on the floor, anyway.

#10 – Dead Animals Make Great Gifts


At first these gifts are disgusting, but slowly and surely you secretly begin to feel pride at your feline’s superb hunting skills.

#11 – All Things Are for Sitting



Boxes? Check. Bags? Check. Shelves? Check. If your cat fits, even just barely, there’s a good chance he’s going to sit.

#12 – Cats Sabotage Your Cleanliness



Need to make the bed? No problem, your cat will run through the covers while you try to get them in order. Folding clothes? No worries, your cat will make sure they remained wrinkled for work tomorrow.

#13 – Cat Hair is Forever



You used to scoff at people covered in cat hair. How dirty they must be to show up to work like that. But now you know. Call it karma, but your cat will make sure his hair is on your clothes.

#14 – Cats Judge You



Secretly indulging in that extra pint of ice cream or watching your 100th episode of Friends on Netflix? Your cat will catch you in the act. He will watch your every move. And he will judge you.

#15 – Cats Get Fat Easily



Cats eat. They eat their food, they eat your food, they’ll even eat the dog’s food and they cry and throw tantrums when you don’t fill their bowls all the way or share your pizza.