15 Places That Cats Would Rather Sleep Than Your Lap

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on April 27, 2015

Truth be told, cats can sleep almost about anywhere. Whether it be on our laps, chairs, bookshelves, and even some rather interesting places, cats can find themselves rather cozy in some places and positions that we could never imagine being that comfortable. Take a look at these 15 funny places and positions cats have been found sleeping that will surely brighten any cat lovers day:


1. Comfy and Cozy Right in the Sink

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2. Narcolepsy Strikes Again!

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3. Too Cute to Boot


4. Super Relaxed for Sure!


5. Hope That Phone Was on Do Not Disturb

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6. This Just Proves Cats Do Not Care if You’re Trying to Get Work Done


7. Looks Like You Won’t Be Doing Laundry Today!

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8. Proof That This Box Was Not Ready to Be Discarded


9. Looks Like a Good Spot for a Nap

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10. That’s One Cute Bowl of Kitty

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11. Ridiculously Adorable

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12. Hopefully This Device Was Not Plugged In…


13. No Studying Until I Get My Rest

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14. A Little Dirt Won’t Hurt!

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15. So This is What Happens When You Leave the Dryer Door Open…