15 Of The Unluckiest Cat Names

| Published on May 30, 2015

While cats can be considered both good and bad luck, Petplan Pet Insurance combed through half a million claims records and rounded up the names of hapless cats who visited the vet the most in 2014. If you’re hoping for a good fortune kitty, you may want to choose a name not on this list.

#1 – Maya

Cat’s with this name are just plain unlucky, getting the number one spot in term of accidents reported to Petplan.

Image source: @PeteMarkham via Flickr

#2 – Tucker

Interestingly enough, this name is also one of the most unlucky dog names, too. Maybe you shouldn’t name your child this either… just in case.

Image source: @PatCullen via Flickr
Image source: @PatCullen via Flickr

#3 – Thomas

Even though it’s a nice, old-fashioned name, apparently the bearers of this name get into trouble a lot.

Image source:  @Snipergirl via Flickr

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#4 – Rascal

Okay, if you name your cat this, what did you expect?

Image source: @AndrewSkudder via Flickr

#5 – Rosie

This is a popular name, so that might account for why it’s not only on Petplan’s accident list, but also on the top “under-the-weather” pet names. It was fifth on that list as well. So kitties with this name only get injured a lot, but also get sick.

Image source:  @Mark via Flickr
Image source: @Mark via Flickr

#6 – Tommy

A cute name, it comes with risk that your kitty might me more likely to be injured.

Image source: @Martyn Wright via Flickr

#7 –  Samantha

For some reason this name just sounds like a cat’s name. Apparently an unlucky one.

Image source: @Laura via Flickr
Image source: @Laura via Flickr

#8 – Tigger

You would think naming your kitty after a favorite, bouncy-tailed cartoon character would bring good luck. Not so, according to Petplpan. Tiggers get injured a lot….maybe from all that tail bouncing?

Image source: @GregDunlap via Flickr

#9 – Olive

Olives are also unlucky. We venture they are probably black cats too, which might cause them to be more even more unlucky (unless they are Irish cats, in which black is good luck!).

Image source: @BlueBearsLair via Flickr

#10 – Samson

Rounding out the top ten names in the “most accident prone” category is Samson.

Image source: @AnneWorner via Flickr

#11 – Chloe

A very popular dog name, Chloe for cats can be bad luck – they are the top of the “most likely to fall and not land on their feet” list.

Image source: @Jeffrey Beall via Flickr

#12 – Jake

Second in the most likely to fall category, Jake is also an unlucky dog’s name.

Image source: @Brownpau via Flickr
Image source: @Brownpau via Flickr

#13 – Simon

Simon kitties can’t seem to land on their feet, but they did land the on the under-the-weather list as well. Maybe not a good name for a kitty.

Image source: @DavidMartynHunt via Flickr

#14 – Abby

This cute name can mean trouble, since it ranked fourth on the fall list. If you do name your cat Abby, maybe don’t buy the really tall cat tree.

Image source: @TravellingMermaid via Flickr

#15 – Lucy

Lucky, another cute name, is also a kitty that is more likely to suffer a fall than other cats. Maybe she and Abby can live together on ground floor kitty condos.

Image source: @Woodleywonderworks via Flickr