15 Cats Who Think They Are People


Cats can be quite clever at times, and with their super quirky personalities they can crack us up when they start mimicking human behavior. At times we may be wondering what curious thoughts cross their precious minds, and we can’t help but laugh when they happen to be in the most human-like situations or positions. Take a look at these 15 cats who think that they are people and be prepared for a few good laughs. Enjoy!


1. This is Just Way Cozy

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  2. Can I Help You With Something?

A photo posted by Angela Smith (@asmithphoto) on

  3. Can’t a Cat Get a Straw Around Here?  

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  4. Did You Hear That?!?

  5. The Wife is Always Making Me Cuddle…


  6. Oh You Know, Just Hanging Out

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7. Say What?!?


  8. So What if I Like to Be Babied Every Once in a While

9. Shhh… My Show is On

  10. Keepin’ it Classy

11. This Cat’s Got Skills

  12. Don’t You Dare Ask Me to Move

13. Really? 

Written by Modi Ramos
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