13 Signs You’re Slightly Obsessed With Your Cat

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 9, 2016

I love my cat, there is no question about it. He makes me smile simply by looking at him, and the thought of him could make me happy even in those moments when I am feeling blue. If only our cats had the ability to know how much they mean to us, but since they are such intelligent balls of fluff, they are likely well-aware. As a matter of fact, with their sassy attitudes and I’m-going-to-do-what-I-want demeanors, they probably wouldn’t have it any other way. I remember what it was like when I had a crush on someone growing up, and then that funny “like” feeling I had started heading down Obsession Lane. Well, loving my cat kinda feels like that–I’m just a tad obsessed. How about you?? (It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone!)

1. You Think About Them All the Time

I got you on my mind, little kitty. This is so true–remember how I said that they can make you happy when you are feeling blue? What else can do that? Shopping costs money and pizza makes my thighs bigger, so I’ll just stay right here crushing on my cat. You sometimes might even feel a bit stalker-ish in the ways you catch yourself just staring at him–when he’s sleeping.


2. Your Cat Is More Important Than Basically Anything Else

Okay, so obviously rainbows and sunshine don’t pay the bills, so you gotta go to work. But you come right back pretty quick to be with your sweet cat who has been waiting patiently all day to see you. Or maybe not so patiently given the broken blinds dangling from your window. Hey, he was scared!

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3. If Your Cat Is Comfortable, You Aren’t Moving

You may have needed to go to the restroom for like 2 hours, but he’s sleeping on your lap and you can’t possibly move because he may never find that perfect position ever again. Who are you to do such a cruel thing like that??

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4. You’ve Cancelled Plans On Someone Because Your Cat Needed You

You may not have used this exact excuse out loud, but this is what your brain knew to be the truth! Sorry, maybe next time…  

5. You’ve Spend More Money At The Pet Store On Your Cat Than You Do Yourself

Hey, he needed these treats, cat tower, new food bowls, and jingling mouse toys filled with catnip to feel special. If he had money, he’d do the same for you–right?

6. Potential Boyfriends/Girlfriends Will Not Pass The Test If Your Cat Doesn’t Like Them

Animals (especially cats) have the ability to sense things–i.e. evil. If your cat doesn’t like your date, then there’s a reason for it. Next!

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7. Your Cat Is “Your Baby”

So what if you didn’t give birth to a fluffy ginger tabby, you might as well have because in your mind there was an umbilical cord attached at some point. When you signed those adoption papers to bring your feline home, you took that very seriously! I call my cat “my son” all the time–you know you have too! (Or daughter, obviously!)


8. Your Social Media Feed Is Filled With Pictures Of Your Cat

Is there really anything else better to look at?? Answer: NO. (On a side note, you’ve also considered making them their own account… or have… and they have more friends or followers than you do.)

My sweet boy was so good on the way to the vet. I’m going to miss him while we’re away:(   A photo posted by Modi Palmer Ramos (@modiramos) on

9. It Annoys You When Someone Tries To Relate With How They Feel About Their Dog

Dogs are fine and dandy but they clearly aren’t cats, so please save your stories about how your dog jumped up and down like crazy and licked all over your face. My cat has manners, he wouldn’t do that. Be civilized.


10. Your Travel Schedule Revolves Around Them

It sure would be nice to relax on the beach somewhere, but the thought of boarding your cat makes you depressed. You probably wouldn’t even enjoy the stupid white sand so much because you’d just be thinking about your honey cooped up that whole time, sad and lonely with no one to pet him.


11. You Could Never, Ever Be Mad At Them

I don’t care if I step on a hairball at 5AM, or if I couldn’t sleep because my 12 lb ball of fluff insisted on sleeping on my head like one of those Russian fur hats, how could I ever be mad at that little face??


12. You’ve Had Regular Conversations With Your Cat

I’ve talked to Mr. Purple, I’ll admit it. But never in a baby voice the way people do with dogs or babies. He’s a man, so I address him as such. Or sometimes my voice can hit a high-pitched shrill when he’s frightened me–Are you out of your damn mind?? Don’t scare me like that!!


13. Nicknames For DAYS.

Big Purp, King Purp, Purpy, Purpletine, Tin Tin… okay, that’s like the first five. Need I carry on?? #obsessmuch