10 Ways Cats Show Their Affection

| Published on April 25, 2015

When it comes to cats it can be difficult to tell how much they really like us, if they even like us at all. With dogs, you get an overwhelming, obnoxious display of love. But cats are far more reserved and sophisticated. What exactly are their ways of showing affection? Find out here!

#1 – Purring


Purring is often considered the ultimate sign of affection, as cats typically only do it when they’re very comfortable or expressing concern. It can be easy to tell which is which, so if your cat is snuggling up and purring it’s likely a good sign.

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#2 – Head Bunting


When cats rub their heads all over you, they’re marking you as their property. If that sounds insulting, it shouldn’t! We all know cats are going to claim anything they don’t like, so claiming us as theirs is just their way of letting the world know they love us and we belong to them.

#3 – Slow Blinks


Staring is generally a sign of challenge in the animal kingdom and slow blinks are the opposite. Slow blinking lets a stranger, or friend, know that you’re comfortable being around them and trust that they aren’t going to harm you. When cats blink at us slowly, that’s exactly what they’re saying.

#4 – Kneading


Kneading is one of the most beloved cat behaviors and for good reason. Cats start kneading on their mothers when nursing and can transfer the behavior to others that they learn to love as much. Cats only knead when they are in their most relaxed and comfortable state.

#5 – Rolling Over


When cats expose their bellies to us, it’s a sign that they love and trust us. It’s a very vulnerable position for a cat, so doing so shows that they feel safe enough to let their guard down.

#6 – Gifting


Although walking into a room to find a dead mouse or bird isn’t always the best gift, cats will bring hunted prey or toys and leave them as gifts to their owners. These things are cherished items and when your cat offers them to you, it’s a big deal. Always warmly accept the offer and praise them, as getting upset could be confusing for your cat.

#7 – Tail Positioning


When kittens approach their mothers, they do so while making a question mark shape with their tails. This is a symbol of familiarity and affection. You might notice that your cat does this to you as well. Just as it means good feelings towards their mothers, it means good feelings towards you, too.

#8 – Grooming


Cats are constant groomers, but they usually only groom themselves unless they find someone they really like. Cats groom as a stress reliever and will often groom their owners as a way of bonding.

#9 – Meowing


Your cat talking to you or being excited when you come home is a sure sign that you’re doing something right. While some cats are more talkative than others, a cat that greets you loudly at the door is typically letting you their very happy you’ve come back.

#10 – Following You


Cats are very independent animals, but you might find that your cat will follow you all over the house. This is because they just want to be near you and offer their support. Even if you don’t have the most touchy-feely cat, a cat that follows you around is a cat that’s showing affection.

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