8 “Super-Hero” Cat Breeds!

| Published on August 1, 2014

Move over Spiderman, step back Captain America! These kitties have natural superhero qualities, no gamma radiation required. Whether they use these powers for good or evil, well that’s up to the cat. Do you have a super kitty?

Check out these 8 “Super-Hero” cat breeds and find out!

The 8 Super Hero Cat Breeds To Save Your Day

#1 – Ragdoll

If there was such a thing as a radio-active possum bite, this cat got it. Originally, when picked up, they would go limp (hence the name “ragdoll”), lulling you into believing they are no threat. Though most of the modern ragdolls have lost this power, some still retain it and have even honed it, being able to go limp anywhere they choose, including the bed.

#2 – Maine Coon

Being of super-size, the main coon has a super power you may not know about. It’s large, tufted feet, allow it walk on top of snow, despite his giant size. The Hulk would certainly sink.

#3 – Chausie

With a lot of wild jungle cat genes running through this cat, it’s no wonder she is a super hunter. Her large, sometimes tufted, ears give her the ability to hear prey from an incredible distance. Even the Wolverine wouldn’t be able to sneak up on her.

#4 – Bombay

Another super hunter, this cat blends into the night with his pitch black coat – Batman’s got nothing on this cat’s ability to hide in the night.

#5 – Bengal

While Mystique may be able to change her looks to blend in, the Bengal’s coat give him the super ability to camouflage in the forest – no outfit change required.

#6 – Exotic

The Black Widow may use her looks to throw men off their guard, but the Exotic can bring both men and women to their knees with a single glance from its large eyes. Resistance is futile humans.

#7 – Turkish Van

Lots of superheroes can stop a bullet, big deal, this cat stops water.

#8 – Egyptian Mau

While Spiderman may have his “spidey-sense,” the Mau is believed to have the fastest reflexes in catdom. And let’s be honest, we all know cats are faster than spiders, so this means even Spidey couldn’t react fast enough to out maneuver this feline.