10 Reasons Black Cats Are AWESOME!

| Published on August 20, 2014

Cat lovers love all cats, but there is something truly special about our dark-furred friends. Here are 10 reasons why black cats are great. Remember them next time you go to the shelter to pick out a new kitty companion because they are the least likely to get adopted according to shelter studies.

#1 -They always look clean

Unlike white cats, your black cat doesn’t show dirt and grime. He doesn’t care if it’s muddy or dusty outside, his black coat will still look just as glossy.

#2 – Luck of The Irish

That’s right, good luck. The Irish believe a black cat on your porch is lucky. So imagine how much luck a pair of them will bring you!

#3 – They go with Everything

We all know black goes with everything, so your black cat becomes the perfect accessory to any décor. Decide to change your color palette? No worries, you cat will still match the carpet when you are done.

#4 – Hair Matches Your Suits

If you wear black on a regular basis to work, a black cat is perfect. Even if you can’t find the lint roller and you are already fifteen minutes late, it won’t matter because the black hair won’t show up. It also won’t show up on the leather couch.

#5 – Black Tie Ready

Having a fancy dinner party? Inviting the boss over for drinks? A black cat is ready for any formal occasion with her luxurious coat of fur.

#6 – The Bombay

This breed of cat is distinguishable by her lush black coat. But what really makes them special is their personality. The Cat Fancier’s Association describes them as a “dog, cat, and monkey all rolled into one.”

#7 – Japanese Good Fortune

Like the Irish, the Japanese also think black cats are good luck. For single women, it is believed a black cat will attract many reputable men.

#8 – Excellent Hunters

Does your house have a pest problem? Black cats are the perfect hunter because they blend so easily into the shadows.

#9 – Even Strays are Lucky

If you happen to have a stray black cat in your neighborhood – befriend him, says the Scottish! They believe a strange black cat appearing at your home signals coming prosperity. Imagine how lucky you would be if you adopted him?

#10 – The Original “Selfie”

Long before a “selfie” was something people did and posted on social media, the black cat was doing it right. “Selfie” is a term used to describe a cat that is all one, pure color, and black is only one of three pure colors a cat can be (the other two are white and red).

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