9 Must-See Products Showcased At The 2020 Global Pet Expo

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartCats, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on February 26, 2020

At iHeartCats, we want to make sure you have the best products for your furry friends. So, we recently sent a team to Orlando, Florida to check out the 2020 Global Pet Expo. We went with the goal of finding the most incredible new products, and of course, products that will make your cat’s life even better! Here are some of the amazing items that caught our eyes during our visit to Orlando.

What’s the Global Pet Expo?

If you’re not familiar with the Global Pet Expo, you’re probably wondering what it is and what’s so important about it. Global Pet Expo is the largest annual trade show for the pet industry! This event showcases all of the newest and most cutting edge products. While it’s not open to the general public, all pet industry professionals are welcome to attend. Over 1,000 companies get together for the Global Pet Expo, showcasing over 3,000 new products launched each year. It’s the perfect opportunity to see discover new products for your cat. Here are some of the best ew items that we came across.

Awesome New Products & Services

#1 – Dr. Elsey’s Litter and Litter Attractant

Cat litter can be messy, especially when it leaves dirty paw prints all over the house. Dr. Elsey’s Clean Tracks Litter is designed to leave minimal tracking behind, keeping your house as clean as possible. This litter is low tracking, hard clumping, and odor eliminating. However, if you have a stubborn cat that refuses to use the litter box, you can also try Dr. Elsey’s Litter Attractant. Spread this attractant into your cat’s litter box to help train them to use it properly. One bottle can treat over 100 pounds of litter, and it lasts one cat over 3 months!

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#2 – RelaxoPet PRO

Your cat deserves relaxation just as much as you do. So, the RelaxoPet PRO is the perfect animal relaxation trainer for the job. It uses deep vibrations to provide the perfect amount of relaxation for your cat. These vibrations are barely noticeable to the human ear, but they are extremely beneficial to your cat’s subconscious, helping even the most anxious of cats relax.

#3 – Catit Play Kit

Your cat deserves to have fun as much as they want, but most cat toys just become boring after a while. But with the Catit Play Kit, your cat gets a selection of exciting interactive cat toys all in one! The play kit comes with four unique Catit toys including a treat puzzle, a super circuit, an oval scratcher, and a fireball. These unique cat toys will give your cat hours of hunting and scratching fun!

#4 – Wellness Cat Food

Mealtime is one of the most important parts of your cat’s day, so you need to make it count. Wellness Pet Food has a wide selection of cat food formulas to ensure that your cat finds exactly what they’re looking for, no matter how picky they are. All the recipes are made with simple, natural ingredients that are free of unhealthy fillers. Show your cat you love them by choosing a dry or wet cat food from Wellness, and try out some of the tasty treats too!

#5 – Zesty Paws Freeze Dried  Chicken Treats

This tasty new treat from Zesty Paws is exactly what it says it is: chicken. Chicken is the sole ingredient in these treats, so you won’t have to worry about your cat eating anything unhealthy or artificial. They’re sourced from free-range chicken breasts that go through a freeze-drying process to preserve the flavor and nutrition. It’s sure to make any cat’s mouth water!

#6 – PetSafe Laser

Cats have always been fascinated with lasers. That’s why PetSafe has created a special laser to make the chase more exciting for you and your cat. With this special toy, the laser moves around on its own, keeping your cat on their toes and bringing out their natural hunting instincts. It even shuts off on its own when it’s time for your cat to wind down. It’s the perfect interactive toy for any playful kitty.

#7 – Pawbo Camera

It’s hard to leave your cat home alone while you’re at work. That’s why the Pawbo Camera is the perfect way to interact with your cats while you are away. You can talk to your cats, toss them treats, and even play with them using the laser pointer feature. Plus, you can even capture adorable photos and videos of your cat while you chat. Your kitty will never have to be lonely at home again!

#8 – Fussie Cat Food

Fussie Cat has created a line of cat food that’s perfect for even the finickiest feline. In every formula, there’s a high amount of animal protein, which is great because cats are carnivores. Cats also need lots of carbohydrates in their diet and 70% water in what they eat, both of which Fussie Cat can help with! Fussie Cat has 5 dry food formulas and 19 wet food formulas, all of which have 78% water to mimic a cat’s natural diet. Your cat won’t be fussy anymore after trying this new food!

#9 – Hangman Wall Mounted Cat Shelf

Cats love to explore and climb to new heights, so they need to be given a space that allows that. Luckily, Hangman has introduced a wall-mounted cat shelf that’s perfect for your cat’s climbing needs. It can be mounted on the wall, and it has a scoop on one side for lounging. Its tough material even promotes positive scratching behavior.

Amazing Products For Amazing Cats!

We know that you always want what’s best for your cat, so as our iHeartCats crew heads back from sunny Orlando, we’ll continue to share more exciting news and information from the Global Pet Expo! Your cat deserves as much love as possible, so it’s important that you stay familiar with what’s new in the cat industry. Also, keep adopting cats and making their lives better each and every day!