10 Cat Breeds That Love To Snuggle

| Published on October 25, 2014

Cats are stereotyped as being not cuddly (cultivated by non-cat people for the most part) especially when compared to dogs. And while there are cats out there that prefer admiration at a distance, there are also plenty of breeds that are known for being attention-seeking cuddle bugs.

#1 – Tonkinese

Considered one of the most loving and social cats, the Tonkinese wants “her people” to play and love on her almost all day. They are said to be “generous” with their own affection in return and get along with other pets. (www.cfainc.org)

Image source: @AngelaThomas via Flickr

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#2 – Ragdoll

This breed has a sweet demure. They will follow you around, sleep with you and purr the moment you touch them. They get along with other pets and like to play, though being a lap cat is their happiest job.

#3 – Persian

As soon as he has the opportunity, he will be on your lap. Trying to work instead of pay attention to him? Not likely with this breed. He will MAKE you snuggle him. (www.cfainc.org)

#4 – Birman

The gentle and quiet Birman will be your shadow. They love to snuggle with you and when you can’t snuggle, to be near you. (www.cfainc.org)

Image source: @AddamHassan via Flickr

#5 – Scottish Fold

One of the cutest breeds in catdom is also one of the most loving. This breed loves to cuddle – whether on your lap or under your covers, you won’t be lonely with a Scottish Fold.

Image source: @ArthurIvanov via Flickr

#6 – Himalayan

Although not demanding of attention, the gentle Himalayan wants nothing more than to cuddle with her owner. And, if you are not cuddling, she will let you know, quietly, that she wants attention. (www.tica.org)

Image source: @PardeeAve. via Flickr

#7 – Selkirk Rex

With a “must touch” coat, the Rex had to tolerate, even like attention because he was going to get it from everyone. This breed was bred for a nice temperament and he got it in spades. They will cuddle anyone, owner or stranger, and love to be picked up.

#8 – RagaMuffin

Considered the “cuddly teddy bears” of the cat world, it seems they were bred for snuggling. As soon as you touch one, he will expect you to continue with your attention, offering pets, a lap to cuddle on, or arms to hold him.

Image source: @TakashiHosohima via Flickr

#9 – Maine Coon

These gentle giants are really just huge babies. Even though they probably can’t fit fully on your lap due to their size that does not stop them from trying.

Image source: @BarbaraMuller-Walter via Flickr

#10 – Sphynx

Although this breed may not be your first choice due to his lack of soft coat, they are one of the most affectionate cat breeds around. They are frequently found under the covers (they don’t get as warm without all that fur!) and have been called the “velcro lap cat” due to their desire to be on your lap as much as possible. (www.tica.org)

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