10 Adorable Pics of Cats Waiting for Something

| Published on September 26, 2014

It’s back to school time, and our cats notice the change just as much as we do. Some kitties take it harder than others, and will wait diligently for their friend to return home each day. Others have something else to wait for – food, attention, or even a home to call their own. The following kitties are waiting for…

#1 – Work to be Done

This kitty’s owner says he gets sad at the beginning of week work week. And he waits at the window for her return.


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#2 – Snacks

This kitty waits outside not his owner’s house, but the neighbors! Why? He gets goodies at the kitchen window.

@BernhardLatzko via Flickr

#3 – For Adoption

Chuckles sits and waits patiently for a new home. We are sure he got one with that beautiful “come hither” look.

@RockyMountainFelineRescue via Flickr

#4 – To Sneak In

This kitty is believed to be owned by someone else, or maybe a stray. Either way, she waits on this person’s balcony to sneak into their living room.

@AlexMuntean via Flickr

#5 – For Tuna

We know Greece is a pretty cat-friendly place. This kitty is waiting for a tuna snack at the Pefka Taverna in Golden Beach, Greece.

@LeonoraEnking via Flickr

#6 – For The Sun

This pretty orange tabby waits for the sun to come out and warm her. Sometimes, she has to wait a long time!

@Barbara Muller-Walter via Flickr

#7 – For a Train

Jasper is a bit of a local celebrity in the United Kingdom. He lives near North Shields train station on the Tyne and Wear Metro system and is often gone for weeks at a time, riding the rails.

@PaulRobertson via Flickr

#8 – To Go Outside

This kitty wants to go outside and enjoy the soft green grass and fresh air. We don’t blame him!

@Supernan via Flickr

#9 – For Her Owner

Wendy waits for her owner anytime she leaves. She is definitely worth coming home to.



#10 – For Something

And the last kitty, well he’s waiting for something…a bus, a person, a home? No one knows but he is certainly cute.

@Athena via Flickr

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