World’s First 5-Star Cat Hotel Will Make You Want To Stay There


With a host of pet hotels popping up across the globe, it was only a matter of time before things started to get very fancy. Malaysia’s Catzonia has topped the list as the first 5-star hotel specifically for cats. Located in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, the 35-bedroom hotel offers incredible services to their feline guests. Spa and grooming services, fine dining, temperature controlled rooms and even a dating service is offered to all cats staying in the hotel. Yes, you read that correctly. The hotel will offer stud services to female cats in heat should their owners desire.

There are four room categories, with the Very Very Important Cat (VVIC) room being the most luxurious. This room fits up to 10 cats or one mother and her litter of kittens and includes three “king” sized beds, a miniature playground and a separate toilet facility. The other rooms are slightly smaller, housing 3 to 7 cats and have “queen,” “double,” or “single” beds. Some have showers available and all of them have WiFi, although we’re not sure what the cats are using it for.

All rooms come with air conditioning and the VVIC and VIC rooms also come with 24-hour video surveillance so cat owners can watch their kitties from afar. Grooming services are offered to all guests, from basic bathing to medicated baths that will rid of fleas and other pests. According to Catzonia’s website, “We believe, the cats need holidays too. They always prefer to be treated as a boss. It means the environment must be felt like home, always being cuddled and hugged, and most importantly they don’t want to feel lonely.”

Mr Renggo baru bangun. Apa nak jadilah. Oghang sampai ke bulan, ekaw dimano…

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Catzonia isn’t the only luxury pet hotel, but it does claim to be the first 5-star hotel in the world. We expect others to follow suit, offering excellent services to those needing to board their pets while away. Although it might seem a little absurd to some, we do find it endearing that people love animals enough to create such a friendly, fancy environment and offer such great care while we’re gone.

Written by Katie Finlay
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