Woman Who Stole A Hairless Cat Came Forward When Security Video Was Shared Online

In Quebec, a woman was caught on camera stealing a cat from a pet store.

The woman stole a Sphynx cat that is worth over $700. She thought she got away from her crime, but it turns out, her thievery was caught by the store’s security camera.

But instead of going to the police, the store owner posted the footage of the security cam on the internet.

Source: Bill Et Bull via The Dodo
Source: Bill Et Bull via The Dodo

The pet store, Animalerie Bill et Bull, posted on Facebook that the woman should come forward with either the payment for the cat, or have the cat returned by December 25 or they will notify the authorities.

Check out the security footage in the video below:

The owner of the pet store didn’t expect that the story would be shared and be all over the media.

And when the story reached the young woman who stole the cat, she decided to keep the cat and went back to the store to pay for the cat she stole. The store held no ill-will for the woman and decided not to press charges against her. Their main concern was the health and safety of the cat.

If only this woman would realize not only was she wrong, but also how many countless cats in shelters need loving homes!

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