Beautiful Cat-Safe Alternatives To Traditional Christmas Trees

Christmas trees and cats can be a dangerous combination. Climbing the tree can cause it to topple, tree water that contains preservatives can be toxic, tinsel can clog digestive systems, and ornaments are basically fragile cat toys. So what’s the best way for cat owners to safely celebrate the holidays? These people found clever ways to create beautiful alternatives to the classic Christmas tree that are more pet-friendly than a tree on the floor. Hanging your Christmas tree from the … Read more

10 Tips For Saving Your Christmas Tree From A Cat-astrophe

Things cats love: plants, sparkly things, dangly things, ribbon-like items, shiny lights… It’s no wonder that Christmas trees the world over find themselves on the receiving end of four-pawed feline attacks each year. Although we can’t guarantee that these tips will deter the precocious, wild-eyed predator that lies within your house cat, hopefully they will at least help you minimize damage and keep your kitty safe from harm. 1. Wait 24 hours between setting up your tree and decorating it. … Read more