Tabby Cat Is Hilariously Suspicious Of Her Owner’s Husband

| Published on May 22, 2022

A grey tabby named Aurora has sparked a hilarious family feud that has cat-lovers all across TikTok concerned. On a channel dedicated to the many antics of the sassy feline, her human, Amy, has posted several videos depicting Aurora’s seemingly hostile attitude towards Amy’s husband. 

Though the research to support this theory is somewhat limited, many believe that cats feed off of the energy of their surroundings – and that includes people. In fact, some pet owners have gone so far as to alter their relationships with other humans based on their pets’ reactions to them, whether positive or negative. 

Cats, as a whole, have been known to be fiercely independent and accustomed to getting their way (as they should). Many believe them to be excellent judges of character. And there’s just something about Amy’s husband that has Aurora determined to keep a close eye on him. 

In the most popular upload, Aurora can be seen staring intently at Amy’s husband as he sits on the family couch. The video’s caption informs viewers that “she (Aurora) hasn’t blinked in two hours.” In the video, Amy’s husband can be seen staring back at Aurora before glancing over at the camera, seeming very confused and concerned about Aurora’s odd behavior. 

Funnily enough, this is not an uncommon occurrence for the pair. In the comment section of another video, Amy explains that “Aurora’s dad works a lot.” Perhaps this is why she is so fixated on him when he is home. Amy is home almost all the time with Aurora, and the two have developed a solid (and sacred) bond. 

While some viewers believe that Aurora behaves the way she does due to excitement or love, a good majority believe that the cheeky cat is trying to warn her owner of something more sinister.

“Listen….. She knows something we don’t,” wrote one user, while another said, “Husband red flag .”

The most hilarious part of this entire thing, to Amy, is that her husband was the one to adopt Aurora. He had planned for her to be a family cat and a present to his loving wife. 

“The best part is, he is the one that adopted her as a present for me   ” – Amy

And while many users have taken Aurora’s behavior as a warning sign, others have praised Amy’s husband for loving and accepting the sweet kitty, regardless of her strange behaviors. One user states, “honestly, it’s amazing that he still loves her and keeps her. A lot of people might re-home or surrender her. They’re all so different, and we love ’em.”

Whatever the cause of Aurora’s strange husband-based suspicions, one thing is for sure: this adorably feisty feline is unlike any other.