Shocking Photo Of Cat’s Bravery Serves As A Reminder To Pet Parents

As the weather warms up, we all love to go outside and enjoy the sun … including poisonous critters!

Although we would never recommend letting your cat free-roam with no harness or enclosure, this photo serves as a reminder to keep a close eye on pets as predators come out of hibernation. It’s safest for cats and dogs to be monitored at all times when they’re outside, even in their own backyard.

Image Source: Laguna Vista Police Department


A news story by ABC 13 reports that the rattlesnake was found near a walking trail in Laguna Vista, Texas. (Note to dog walkers: keep a careful eye out when strolling through wooded or grassy areas!)

Image Source: Laguna Vista Police Department


In one particularly shocking photo, the serpent is dangerously close to a stray cat. Luckily, the snake was captured and the kitty remained unharmed!

Image Source: Laguna Vista Police Department


We’re glad that this story has a happy ending, but letting pets outside unsupervised is risky – especially when there’s poisonous predators around. Let’s try to avoid unfortunate accidents by being diligent and keeping our beloved pets safe!

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(h/t: ABC 13)

Written by Karen Tietjen
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