Feral Mom Drops Kitten 15 Feet, Guy Carries Him To His Wife

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 23, 2024

Cats are tenacious creatures. They never fail to amaze us and win our hearts every chance they get! Rocky’s life began in a feral cat colony where, unfortunately, he was accidentally dropped by his mother from a height of 15 feet. This fall caused permanent nerve damage, leaving Rocky paralyzed from the waist down. When Benjamin found him at his work site, he brought him home. His wife, Dawn, immediately fell in love with him. Learning about his paralysis only deepened her affection, and it was clear from the beginning that Rocky had found his forever home with them.

Despite numerous attempts at treatment, including physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, laser therapy, and water therapy, Rocky’s paralysis was permanent. Dawn and Benjamin purchased a custom wheelchair for Rocky. He learned how to navigate his home with ease. His condition doesn’t deter him one bit! He can still play, dash around, and give his humans all the love in the world.

Dawn has to change Rocky’s diaper three times a day, but she doesn’t mind. The family has to make concessions to accommodate Rocky, but it comes easy to them. He’s their baby, no matter what! Now, at the age of two, Rocky lives a happy and fulfilling life. His family is dedicated to showing that special needs cats like Rocky are deserving of love and life, challenging the notion that they should be euthanized. Please consider opening your heart and home to a kitty with special needs. We promise they’ll be forever grateful!

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