NFL Stadium Has A Cat That Greets Fans–And Refuses To Leave


Not everyone here might be crazy about sports, or football for that matter, but we are all clearly crazy for cats. And there is something about those friendly cats that aren’t shy in the least bit that warms our hearts. Just this past weekend, a fan at the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders game at Arrowhead Stadium came across a stray cat that he couldn’t help but fall in love with. So much so, that he asked security if he could keep the cat.

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The security officials didn’t see any issue with that, so they told the man the cat was his. So for the entire duration of the game they sat together, just watching the football game…in the loudest stadium in the NFL.

But, as the man tried to exit the game, suddenly the sweet cat became agitated, struggling to break free from the man’s arms. It was as if the cat didn’t want to leave, choosing to stay at the stadium.

The man’s friend, Reddit user shortround10, shared the photo above on Reddit, and then something strange started to happen: Others began commenting on this same cat, who’d been something of a staple at the stadium for years!

shortround10 said: “My friend found a cat in the stadium at an NFL game. Security let him keep it.” He went on to explain that, “We just found it up on this balcony about to jump so Sammy grabbed it and security told us to keep it.”

And then the responses started coming in…

“I have seen this cat! He lives in the bushes right outside the two neighboring stadiums. I met that cat during the 2014 Royals playoffs,” said johnnyhurricane.

“I met him while tailgating for the Royals games in the summer. He just walked right up to us so we gave him some water and bits of our food. Very friendly cat,” Dannyg4821 shared.

Sadly, the cat’s struggling worked, because he wiggled his way out of the man’s arms and off into the bushes outside of the stadium he went. Perhaps the two will meet again someday.

catvia Reddit

cat1via Reddit

“The cat fought to stay near the stadium, probably for all of the food scraps,” the man who tried to rescue the cat said.

So, we can’t help but to ask, have you seen this cat before? Share with us in the comments if you have!

Written by Modi Ramos
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