Lucky Kitten Pulled From Komodo Dragon Enclosure

| Published on August 2, 2016

Komodo is a kitten with an exciting history. Although just a tiny baby, she is a brave young beast with an eye for adventure. Her name comes from just this type of experience. Komodo was found by a zookeeper wandering around the Komodo Dragon enclosure at the Forth Worth Zoo in Texas.

Komodo Dragons are one of the largest species of lizard in the world, growing up to 10 feet long and weighing 150 lbs. These giant lizards will hunt and eat prey including birds and small mammals. This little kitten was a perfect prey item for such a large creature! Luckily, the zookeeper was able to rescue her from the danger and delivery her to the Humane Society of North Texas.


Everyone is surprised Komodo escaped the enclosure unharmed and are curious as to how she ended up in there in the first place. The zookeeper believes she came from a feral cat colony near the zoo, but still isn’t sure how she got inside the enclosure. Komodo was wandering around pawing at the giant lizards, showing no fear towards the animals.

Komodo is still at the Humane Society of North Texas and will be there until she grows up a little more. Despite having a clean bill of health and no injuries, the Humane Society feels she’s a little bit too young to adopt out to her forever home just yet.