Kitten Yelped In A Ditch But No One Wants Him Because Of His Odd-Appearance

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on March 6, 2024

A tiny, helpless kitten sat among discarded trash at the bottom of a ditch. He cried his little heart out, but no one stopped to help him. His odd appearance only created doubt, and people were afraid of his seemingly aggressive behavior. One couple, concerned for his well-being, stepped closer when they walked by and heard his meows. He was obviously in distress and an orphan. The caring couple felt they had no other choice but to help the little guy. The woman, confident she could help him, jumped down.

As if fate intervened, the kitten trusted her quickly. He even let her stroke his fur. Soon, her partner stepped down, and the two of them, moved by his innocence, picked him up and carried him to their car. They quickly fell in love with the kitten and brought him to the vet, praying for a clean bill of health. The vet said he was healthy but that something was amiss.

The couple, who wanted to hear that the cat was a bit odd-looking due to genetics or a rough start, was about to receive news that would change their lives. The kitten was, in fact, a wild predator. The vet said there was no way he would make a good pet and that he belonged in a zoo. The couple couldn’t bear to part with him, especially when they thought about him living in captivity for the whole world to stare at.

He was already affectionate and attached to the couple. How could he be happy away from them? Unwilling to let him go, the couple raised the kitten, and he turned out to be like any other cat, except he was a bit more active and loved being outdoors. The couple happily took him on adventures to accommodate his wild and active disposition. This wild cat is so darn cute! Check him out in the video below!

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