Homeless Musician Meets Stray Cat Who Changed His Life Forever

| Published on November 30, 2015

James Bowen was a homeless musician who’s also a recovering heroine addict. And then one day, his life was changed when he met a stray ginger tabby that he named Bob.

James found Bob in a subway. Bob had an injury in his leg that he most likely got from a fight with another cat. The cat kept on following him, and he could’ve just ignored Bob. But instead, he brought him to the vet so his wounds would get treated. Little did James know that that was the start of a beautiful friendship that would change his life forever.

James tried to find the owner of the cat, but nobody came to claim him. Bob had no collar or microchip either. And since no one came forward or was interested in Bob, James took him in. Ever since then, James and Bob were inseparable. Bob was with James everywhere he went.

During that time, James was just getting his life together, and Bob gave him the love and the support that he needed. When James played in the streets, Bob was there with him. And with Bob right beside him, their revenues increased dramatically. It was like destiny; they were both at the right place at the right time. James believes that Bob changed his life for the better.

Watch the video below and see James being interviewed about how Bob changed his life forever.

What a beautiful friendship these two have!

James wrote a book about his adventures with Bob and how this beautiful cat changed his life. He entitled it, “A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets”

You can purchase the book at Amazon or in their official webshop at http://streetcatbob.theofficialwebshop.com/

You can see more beautiful photos and videos of James and Bob by visiting their Facebook Page.