Florida Residents Open Their Homes To Shelter Stray Kittens During Hurricane Irma


It looks like we don’t have to worry about any seeing any other “Swimming Cats” once Irma has passed through Florida, thanks to the amazing netizens at IMGUR. Two different kittens were saved just in time to escape having to spend the storm outdoors!

IMGUR user Kushita posted a photo of this adorable ball of orange fur, now called “Schweppes”. The kitten would appear in her husband’s workplace parking lot in the Miami-Dade area, at first with his mother, but then alone. Despite being allergic to cats, he patiently befriended the little kitten, and was able to pick it up and take it home just in time to keep it dry.

The couple knew they’d be unable to keep the kitten due to allergy, but gave him a comfortable place to ride out the storm and found a family willing to take him in. Kushita tells LoveMeow, “He was finally getting close to me since he met me yesterday. He’s a lot closer to my husband for sure.”

Image Source: Imgur/Kushita


IMGUR user SouthStar also found a friend for the storm. Their brother rescued this ginger girl from THEIR workplace parking lot, and brought her home.

Image Source: Imgur/SouthStar


SouthStar posts, “I’m a little anxious about it because my brother was like one of those kids that comes home with a new animal every week except he never grew out of it but now it’s actually appropriate since Irma is around the corner. I always found myself dragged into his shenanigans and I guess this time is not different haha.”

Image Source: Imgur/SouthStar


Unsure of the age of the kitten, SouthStar and their brother are bottle feeding this baby with a proper kitten milk replacement. She’s described as being active and “meowing a lot.”

Image Source: Imgur/SouthStar


Florida still has a rough week ahead, but it’s nice to know that there are kind people out there taking good care of the cats!

H/T: LoveMeow

Written by Adriana Sandoval
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