Firemen Come To The Rescue When Family Hears Mysterious Meowing In Their Wall


When one family heard unexplained meows in their Deerfield Beach, Florida home, they were baffled; they weren’t even missing a cat! But the sounds continued for two days, so they finally enlisted the help of the fire department!

“The family said they had heard the meowing coming from the wall for about two days, so they called us,” said Mike Jachles, the public information officer for the Broward Sheriff’s Office Department of Fire Rescue, to ABC News.

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When firemen arrived, they tried to locate the kitten through the wall using a thermal imaging camera, but to no avail. So, they went with a new plan: they listened for the meowing to estimate his whereabouts, then (carefully!) put holes in the wall with a hammer.

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Luckily, they were able to pull the kitten out to safety!

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The only explanation is that a neighbor’s cat, or a stray, got into the attic and had a litter.

“What we presume happened is the mother cat had the kitten up in the attic of the house. In the attic there are voids in the walls where the dry wall is, and the kitten presumably fell down in between the two walls in a void space. We think he got stuck on a fire stop between the walls,” said Jachles in the article.

After a bath to wash off the dust, the hungry kitten happily ate a nice meal. When he was clean and full, homeowner Kendra Van Metre said the appreciative little guy was “so loving.”

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While Van Metre did not keep the kitten, she made sure he was adopted into a wonderful home.

“A woman saw the article on Facebook and said she was more than happy to take him. She came by last night around 11:30 and got the cat and she immediately fell in love. She said, ‘He’s finally got a forever home,'” Van Metre told ABC News.

The kitten has been named Hugo after one of his rescuers!

Check out the news segment here:

What a cutie! Thanks to the heroes of the Broward Sherriff Fire Rescue Department, who save lives of all kinds!

Written by Karen Tietjen
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