Epic 31-Pound Cat Draws Fans To Local Animal Shelter

Mr. Handsome, a 31.4-pound cat who was brought to the Chatham County Animal Shelter in Pittsboro, North Carolina as a stray, has become very popular. In fact, the shelter has decided to hold a sort of lottery to decide who will get to adopt him if he is not claimed by his owners by Monday morning. (Anybody interested in adopting the colossal kitty must submit an application, with vet references, from Monday, July 24 at noon through Wednesday, July 26 at 4 p.m.)

Animal Services Director Alan Canady said:

“Due to the huge outpouring of interest from people and potential adopters, we are announcing a new adoption process for public safety reasons. We are a small rural shelter on a narrow road. We simply could not accommodate large numbers of people arriving and parking here on Monday.”

A drawing will take place July 27 at 10 a.m. to determine the first person who is eligible to adopt Mr. Handsome. The winner will be reviewed to see if they can provide an appropriate home for Mr. Handsome, and it will be determined if they’ll be able to afford his likely-hefty veterinarian bills due to the health problems he suffers from his weight. If the first person picked doesn’t pass the review process, another name will be picked.

Mr. Handsome is so large that he can’t fit in a regular kennel. He’s been living in the staff break room and made himself at home in the bottom of a cabinet.

If you’re interested in joining the lottery for a chance to adopt Mr. Handsome, the adoption form and instructions will be available on the Chatham County Animal Shelter’s Facebook page as well as on the county’s website.

(H/T: WNCN, Chatham County Animal Shelter)

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