Shelter Cat With BB Pellets In Lungs Paws At Woman Passing By His Kennel

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 19, 2024

When Emma first laid eyes on a cat named Cheesy at the Humane Society, she knew she had found her perfect feline companion. Cheesy’s kennel was situated below the shelter’s “cat of the month,” but his determination to be noticed captured Emma’s heart. As Cheesy stretched his paw out of the cage as if to say, “Let me out,” Emma couldn’t resist and knew this was the cat she was meant to bring home. Cheesy’s background is a tale of resilience and survival. Before being rescued by the Humane Society, he was a stray, left to fend for himself.

Cheesy had suffered during his time on the streets. He has no bottom teeth and over 10 BB pellets lodged inside his lungs, which occasionally cause breathing difficulties and watery eyes. Despite these challenges, Cheesy’s loving and affectionate nature never wavered.

Before Emma, someone else had adopted Cheesy, but they returned him to the shelter within a day. Emma and Cheesy, however, had an instant connection. When her mom asked if she wanted to look at other cats, Emma knew Cheesy was the one for her.

Upon arriving at his new home, Cheesy quickly adjusted to his surroundings. He took ownership of the space, and as Emma jokingly says, “It’s his house, not mine.” Cheesy’s adventurous spirit and protective nature won Emma over even more. He often accompanies her like a loyal puppy, always waiting at the door for her return.

Cheesy’s unique features, such as his floppy ear and large, expressive eyes, only add to his charm. The floppy ear, likely the result of a past altercation while he was a stray, is not a concern for his health. Cheesy continues to have regular vet appointments to monitor the pellets in his body, but he is doing much better now that he has a loving home.

In his new life with Emma, Cheesy is a picture of contentment and relaxation. His amusing poses and playful antics are a constant source of joy for Emma, who feels grateful for the bond they share. Cheesy’s story is a testament to the power of love and the importance of giving rescue animals a chance at a better life.

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