Parents Put Up Camera, Catch Cat Calming Dog Who Misses Mom And Dad

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on March 6, 2024

When a couple opened their hearts and home to a cat named Kelvin, they never imagined their new kitty would become a superhero! Their dog, Joule, suffered from separation anxiety. As soon as Joule saw her parents getting ready for work, she became a nervous wreck.

They were hopeful Joule would outgrow her struggles, but her anxiety continued. The couple decided to set up a hidden camera to check on the pup. What they experienced while watching the footage was nothing short of a miracle.

Cats are amazing creatures and know when they’re needed. We’re sure you can all agree! Kelvin sensed Joule’s struggles. He made it his mission to help the pup. He went from doing his own thing to spending his parents’ workday snuggling with Joule. He pushed his way into Joule’s body, cuddling against her with all his sweet kitty might! This eased her anxiety, big time! This ritual continued day after day until Joule became a confident well-adjusted pup!

This built up a bond like no other. Now the dog and cat snuggle constantly, even when their parents are home. It brings the family so much joy, both furry and human! We adore this duo and you will too. Check out the heartwarming video below.

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