8 Outrageous Ways to Spoil Your Cat

| Published on October 24, 2014

Do you love your kitty to the moon and back? Well how about emptying your checkbook on one of these 10 outrageous ways to spoil your cat.

#1 – Remodel Your House

Your cat is the prince of his (err…your) house, right? Doesn’t he deserve a home built to his tastes? A man in California thought so – he spent $35,000 remodeling his home for his cat. Isn’t your cat worth it?

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#2 – Louis Vuitton Pet Carrier

Need to take kitty to her spa day? Do so in style with this Louis Vuitton Pet carrier that is water and scratch resistant. It will set you back about $3,000, but kitty will be comfy.

Image source: LouisVuitton.com

#3 – La Jeune Tulipe Diamond Pet Collar

This collar will let everyone know how much you care for your pet – or which house to rob. This made-to-order collar has a 1.52carat marquis diamond as the centerpiece and each stone has a GIA certificates. Oh, it’s only $150,000.


#4 – 22Kt Gold Pet Mattress

Cats sleep for up to 20 hours a day, shouldn’t yours be sleeping on gold? These top-notch mattresses cost around $1-3,000. If you are feeling left out, the company started out with human mattresses made of gold or silver. By the way, gold keeps out parasites and bacteria.

Image source: Magniflex.com

#5 – Fantasy Cat Trees

Your cat deserves more than a piece of cheap carpet stapled to a piece of plywood. These trees are truly a style statement, as well as giving your cat a taste of the outdoors inside. The 8’ Magical Tree pictured starts at $1,649.

#6 – Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Give your pampered kitty time outside safely with an outdoor cat enclosure. You can make one yourself, or buy kits starting at around $1,250. The ultimate kit with all the options will run you over $7,000, not including shipping.

Image source: OldMaidCatLady.com

#7 – Gold Rimmed Pet Bowl

This ornate bowl by Royal Crown Derby is perfect for your majesty’s food. It has a 22kt gold band and will set you back approximated $630.

Image source: RoyalCrownDerby.co.uk

#8 – Cat Genie

The cheapest item on this list comes in at just under $370…for a litter box. Granted, this litter box is not you average $10 plastic box. In fact, it’s the World’s only self-flushing and self-washing cat box. You hook it up to a water line and you don’t use litter – it flushes like a real toilet.

Image source: CatGenie.com