5 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Cat

People who aren’t big fans of cats sometimes try to make us feel silly about talking to our furry friends, claiming that our cats “can’t understand” what we’re saying anyway. While it’s true that your cat can’t understand your words, she can pick up an incredible amount of information by listening to the tone of your voice, watching your facial expressions, and paying attention to your body language. In fact, talking to your cat will benefit both of you. Here’s how.

#1 – Strengthen your bond

You will strengthen the bond between you and your cat when you talk to her with affection and care. It’s a great way to show her that you love her and to see that she loves you back.

#2 – Help her feel understood

After a while, you’ll start understanding what certain types of meows mean. It’ll help your cat feel secure and understood when you respond by providing whatever she’s asking for, whether it’s cuddles or dinner.

#3 – Teach commands

As long as you’re consistent and using other proper training techniques, talking is a great way to teach your cat commands like “get down” when she’s on the kitchen counter. She may not understand the words, but she’ll understand your body language and tone of voice.

#4 – Notices changes in her voice

Warning signs of illnesses can be very subtle. Sometimes when cats are sick their voices will change slightly. The difference can be nearly undetectable to the untrained ear, but you’ll notice something is different if you’re in the habit of hearing her voice every day.

#5 – Feel less lonely

You’ll both feel less lonely if you’re talking to someone, regardless of whether or not actual words are being said or understood. After all, 93% of communication happens through tone, posture, and body language. Though the study was about human/human contact, my own (admittedly less formal) studies have proven that the same is true for human/feline interactions.

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