15 Hilarious In-Bread Cats

You might be thinking that the title of this piece is a typo…don’t we mean “inbred” cats? Nope. We do, in fact, mean in-bread. As in, cats inside bread. These hilarious photos were gathered by the outstanding, where you can find hundreds of fantastic photos of cats wearing armor of bread, tortillas and other such foods. Even better, you can upload your own!


breaded and pondering life
Photo credit: “Breaded and pondering life” by




fat cat gets breaded
Photo credit: “Fat cat gets breaded” by



Gregory bread
Photo credit: “Gregory bread” by



Photo credit: “Jasper” by



Look Gypsy, everything the light touches is our kingdom
Photo credit: “Look Gypsy, everything the light touches is our kingdom.” by



Meaty breading
Photo credit: “Meaty breading” by



Morris was breaded
Photo credit: “Morris was breaded” by


rocco reluctanty in bread
Photo credit: “Rocco reluctantly in-bread” by



sigrid was breaded and hated the world
Photo credit: “Sigrid was breaded and hated the world” by



toby breaded
Photo credit: “Toby breaded” by



Photo credit:



Photo credit:



Photo credit:


Photo credit:



whole wheat arielle
Photo credit: “Whole wheat Arielle” by

Have an in-bread cat you’d like to share with us? Submit your photo in the comments section!

Written by Katie Finlay
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