11 Powerful Before & After Photos That Prove Rescue Saves Lives


Being involved in animal rescue, regardless of species, takes a lot of work. The time, dedication, space and money involved all take a toll on those working hard to save lives and keep animals safe. It often seems like an unforgiving job, but the rewards are truly overwhelming. Just when you’ve been buried with one sad, cruel case after another, you are reminded why you rescue. You are reminded because you look at all of the success stories you’ve helped come true. You are reminded of the lives you’ve saved and the reason you rescue in the first place. Just in case you’re in need of a pick-me-up or simply want to see the amazing work that rescue does, take a look at these incredible before and after photos of rescue cats.

Please note, some of the before photos might be graphic and upsetting. But just remember these kitties are living happy, healthy lives in their new forever homes!


SO and i were driving around when we saw this little dude dart under a truck at a red light. luckily we were able to grab him before he got run over. before & after one week later.


Pugsley before and after


Bunny the cat’s rescue after being electrocuted and found on the street last year


My cat, Kodama, when he was first found in Taiwan in 2006, and during a photo shoot in 2012.


Abandoned kitty gets brought back to life


Foster kitty. Initially blind from eye infection, what a difference six weeks makes.


My friend rescued a freakishly tiny kitten named “Stuart Little”. Here is a before and after picture.


Scout, the rescue kitty!




Tyrion, of a different sort…



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