ZenCat Lounge Is An Oasis For Cat Lovers In Brea, California

No matter where you live, we think you should know about ZenCat Lounge in Brea, California. If you can visit – even better.

This place, and all it offers, is sure to make you smile.

Image source: ZenCat Lounge


ZenCat Lounge provides a sanctuary for rescue cats of all ages. In addition, the space accommodates regular yoga and guided meditation classes, private meditation sessions, and kitten parties (more on that later). The two owners, a mother-daughter duo, combined their respective passions, meditation and cats, resulting in ZenCat Lounge – a peaceful place that helps people and kitties.

Meet the owners in the video below!

When you walk in you’re greeted by friendly staff and immediately find yourself in the lounge space, where the resident rescue cats roam and play. Their toys, cat homes, and tunnels are arranged thoughtfully around the large room, which is used for classes, parties, and other functions.

Image source: ZenCat Lounge


According to the ZenCat Lounge site: “Our mission is to improve the lives of the people who visit and of our resident cats.” They are a fully licensed animal facility. All of their rescue cat residents are available for adoption and are up to date on vaccinations. All of their kitties get their own thoughtfully written page detailing their personality in addition to other vital info like age, sex, breed, and favorite cat toy (obviously). Check out their available rescue kitties on the adoption page.

Image source: ZenCat Lounge


Were you wondering when we would get to the kitten party explanation…?

How cool is this – ZenCat Lounge hosts kitten parties from time to time where you can come and hang out with rescue kittens! Simply reserve online for 30 minute increments and show up at your scheduled time and play with some adorable kittens – it’s that simple! It’s really a two-fur (ha) – you get to play with soft, rambunctious/sleepy kittens AND you get to help socialize them, as well!

The kitten parties are tons of fun – but we’ll warn you now, the adult cat residents are the ones that will steal your heart at the end of the day. The writer of this article experienced just that with a beautiful cuddly adult kitty named Aidan!


Image source: ZenCat Lounge


ZenCat Lounge has a super cute online shop, where every purchase helps keep this amazing place open. They’re always in need of donated goods or funds to help them continue to help as many rescue cats as possible. If you want to help, visit their Donate page.

Follow/Like them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  For hours and location, visit their website here.

Image source: ZenCat Lounge
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