Wondering What Cats Do At Night? Check This Out. It’s Purranormal Cativity!


I’m sure some of you cat lovers have woken up in the middle of night hearing strange noises from the hallway or from the next room. You may think someone has broken into your house, so you get yourself out of bed (and probably arm yourself with a bat, or some kind of weapon), then you go check out where the noise is coming from. Only to find out it’s your cat, running around the room or the hallway.

Well, that’s what cats do at night! And if you’re wondering what other crazy things they do in the cover of darkness, then you have to watch this video! Cole and Marmalade are two adorable cats, and just like any other cat, they are up in the middle of the night doing some purranormal cativities! Their human was wondering what they’re up to, so she setup night vision cameras all over the house. Check out the video below to see the footage!

LOL! Cats are effortlessly hilarious! I love how Marmalade approached the camera, it’s like she knew that their human was on to them!

Check out more of Cole and Marmalade’s videos at their YouTube account!

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Written by Nicolette Mansueto
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