Woman Who Suffered Abusive Marriage And FIV+ Cat Nobody Wanted Become A Family Together

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“Punkin was an outdoor cat. PAWS was asked to take her, and so we did. However, when we had her tested, she tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Now, most cat rescuers know that FIV is only contagious in certain circumstances. If the cat is not spayed or neutered, or if it is fighting. When we brought Punkin in, she was so sweet and got along with other cats. So she stayed in our rescue for almost a year. We tried over and over telling people she was a great cat and not contagious to people or other cats. But no one would take her until Jennifer came along. She adopted Punkin, and the rest is history.”

Jennifer, the woman who adopted Punkin was in need of love just as much as she was.

“I had to leave a very toxic relationship with my husband. I suffered physical and mental abuse. I started 2019 with a clean slate, and I want to share my life with a new fur kid. I went to the adoption event at PetsMart for PAWS Rescue. I brought my niece with me. Izzy went straight to Punkin’s cage and said that was the one for me. She and I kept looking at all of the cats. Glenda then said she had the cat for me to consider. Punkin an adult female cat with FIV that no one ever wanted. So I decided to adopt her.

“She spent the first few days hiding under my couch then slowly, each day she gave more of herself to me. It was just as if she knew she was safe. She would only come if I called her Pudin. She started playing with her toys, and she loves sleeping next to me on the couch.

“It’s been almost a month, and she still shows me new things. She loves playing with her small mouse toys, and she gets going so fast that she often sends them up in the air and across the room. She needed me, but I needed her more.”

PAWS Rescue is thankful to for the donations it recieves from their RescueBank program.

“We are grateful for all of the donations coming from’s Rescue Bank program but especially the food donations. It has helped us save money for medical needs.”

Rescue Bank provides food for rescues, so that they can use their funds elsewhere! When you shop from the iHeartCats store, you’re helping provide for shelter cats!

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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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