7 Reasons Why Maine Coon Cats Are Awesome

We cat lovers enjoy every member of the feline kind, but there is something truly special about Maine Coon cats. Is it their thick fur? Their charming personalities? Their often-impressive size?

We say, there’s a lot to love about these kitties, because they’ve got the whole package! To illustrate our point, here are 7 reasons why Maine Coon cats are totally and completely awesome.

1. Their Luxuriously Fluffy Coats

The thick, fluffy coat of a Maine Coon is simply irresistible to look at and touch. Feeling the soft fur through your fingers (to the sound of satisfied purrs!) always makes you and your cat deliriously happy. And the way she looks so majestic with that flowing, glossy coat–simply gorgeous!


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2. Their Affectionate Personalities

Known as the “Gentle Giant” of the cat world, Coons make beloved family pets and wonderful therapy animals because of their calm and loving personalities, according to The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA). And with all that fluff, we couldn’t be more willing to give these kitties all the pats that they could ever desire!


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3. The Way They Remind Us Of Their Wildcat Relatives

One of a cat’s most endearing characteristics is how they’re like miniature versions of “big cats” in the wild, but this is especially true for Maine Coons. Their sturdy stance, huge paws, and adorable tufts (read on!) make you feel like you’re living with an exotic creature rather than a domesticated house cat.


4. Their Adorable Tufts

This breed’s big, expressive ears are often topped or covered in tufts of fur, as are their paws. The CFA explains that the extra fluff is meant to protect their appendages from harsh, cold weather. Of course, in the comfort of your home, these poofs are purely decorative!

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5. Their Big, Wildcat-Like Paws

Another feature reminiscent of their “wild” relatives, a Maine Coon’s huge paws enable them to walk on top of the snow without sinking into it, according to the CFA. Despite their practical purpose, we love their paws for their massive, velvety softness.

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6. Their Size

The cats can vary greatly in size, but their potential to be huge is totally endearing! Big members of this breed can even be mistaken for wildcats. With their cashmere-like coats and cuddly personalities, we say, in this case, the bigger the better!


7. The Way They’ve Earned A Reputation For Being Remarkable

This breed’s impressive characteristics have lead multiple Maine Coon cats to world-renown fame! For example, there’s Cygnus, the gorgeous kitty who may have the world’s longest tail; Stewie, the longest cat to ever have lived; and there’s Samson, “the biggest cat in NYC,” who’s often mistaken for a bobcat (pictured above).

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But out of all these amazing reasons to love Maine Coons, our favorite thing about this breed is how they make loving, loyal companions. 


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