What This Cat Does With His Best Friend’s Ashes Is Astonishing

| Published on April 3, 2015

It might be a good time to grab a tissue… Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!
It’s a widely accepted belief that cats (and dogs) do in fact grieve the loss of their fellow furry friends. I personally have witnessed the heartache my pets have gone through with me, when we’ve lost one of our other pets. Yet still, some people doubt animals understanding and emotional capacity. That’s why when we found this next video, we felt like we had to share. It’s such a raw and heartbreakingly beautiful example of a cat grieving the loss of his friend.

The cat, named Hootie, recently lost his best dog friend. Nova passed away and upon returning his ashes home, Hootie has a unique reaction to the urn. Now, some may say he’s simply rubbing up against the cardboard box (because cats DO love boxes) but Hootie’s owners believe this sort of a response wasn’t normal for him and I’m willing to side with them on this. See for yourself!

Do you think Hootie’s response to his best friend’s ashes were because he knew it was his friend or do you think he just wanted to rub the box?