Watch This Kitten’s Reaction When His Friend Gives Him A Nibble

Baby animals are often “mouthy” when they’re learning to play and communicate, and these two kittens are an adorable example of this. The squirmy tabby on the left is clearly in the mood for a little fun, while his tuxedo friend on the right would rather do a little grooming.

When the mischievous kitten puts his paw in his pal’s mouth, mid-yawn, he ends up getting nibbled. Just wait until you see his reaction!

Watch what the tabby cat does after getting nibbled:

Moooom, he bit me!

It looks like the tuxedo’s bite gave his friend a little sting, but the way he waves his tiny paw is too cute! Luckily, the playful tabby recovers quickly, and goes right back to his game.

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