Two Orphaned Kittens Meet For The First Time, Unbearable Cuteness Ensues

Two tiny kittens, Bruno and Boop, had rough starts to their lives. Bruno was seized by Animal Control at just 5 days old from an illegal cruelty case. Boop was found in the trash when she was a week old. Without mamas or littermates, they were vulnerable and scared. Luckily, Hannah Shaw the Kitten Lady was there to make sure these babies got the love and care they needed.

After being quarantined for two weeks in separate areas of Hannah’s home, Bruno and Boop finally got to meet! Cat photographer Andrew Marttila was there to capture the sweet playdate. “It was a really interesting experience,” Andrew said, “You could tell that while they were inquisitive of one another, they initially didn’t really know how to behave. Their interactions ranged from excitement to confusion, and then back to excitement. I found it remarkable that over the short time I was there, I could almost see the wheels of understanding turning in their little heads. They played and explored for hours. When they eventually cuddled up together to take catnap together, I very nearly died of cute.” That sounds about right.

(Images: Andrew Marttila)

Bruno (the black kitten) and Boop (the grey one) first checked each other out from opposite ends of the nursery.



When they finally came face to face, they could barely contain their excitement!



Neither of them had ever had the opportunity to play with another kitten before, so there was a lot to learn ad explore. But they figured it out quickly.





After all the playing, they had a well deserved lunch and cuddled up for a nap.







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Written by Andee Bingham
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