Two-legged Kitten Finds A Way Of Getting Around That’s Better Than His Wheelchair!


Cassidy the two-legged kitten has been missing both of his back legs below the knee since he was rescued from a feral cat colony. If he stayed in the colony, he wouldn’t have survived.

Thankfully, he was rescued by some kindhearted people. He was just 9 weeks old when he was rescued. But he wasn’t out of the woods just yet. However this tiny kitten proved that he was a fighter. Thanks to the team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, Cassidy had a fighting chance. And after undergoing round-the-clock care, his condition was finally stable and he was ready for physical therapy.

Thanks to Andrew of, Cassidy was given the cutest little wheelchair ever made!

But just recently, Cassidy has discovered a new mode of transportation that’s faster than his wheelchair! This kitty has discovered the Roomba vacuum! Check out the video below and see Cassidy hitching a ride on the vacuum cleaner!

This two-legged kitty has a need for speed! LOL!

You can see more updates of Cassidy at

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Written by Nicolette Mansueto
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