Two Kittens Born Without Eyelids Are In Search Of A Forever Home

When a couple rescued two kittens in New South Wales, Australia, they were certain the two kitties were different. There was something very strange about their eyes and when they took the kittens to the local RSPCA, their thoughts were confirmed. These two kittens were born without eyelids. A very rare condition, they would be completely blind within the year without corrective surgery.

Image source: Patrick Jones via Facebook

To make sure this didn’t happen, Patrick Jones of RSPCA worked with a dedicated veterinary team at the Eye Clinic for Animals. He wanted to be sure that these two, now called Felix and Dora, would be given a new chance at life. He wrote in his blog, “Thanks to the amazing vets from the Eye Clinic for Animals, the surgery that Felix and Dora so desperately needed was made possible.”

Image source: Patrick Jones via Facebook

He went on to describe the amazing surgery. “Over the course of eight hours, Dr Cameron Whittaker saved the kittens’ sight by using tissue from their lips to create eyelids (hence the lighter patches of fur above their eyes). The surgery was a total success, and Felix and Dora are now happy as can be!” A pretty amazing feat for everyone!

Image source: Patrick Jones via Facebook

Now that these two have received the veterinary care they critically needed, they’re just missing one major part of a happy life – a forever home. Their foster carer would like to see these two adopted forever, but Jones states they will do just fine apart. They are now nine months old and living in a foster home, happily becoming their own unique selves.

Image source: Patrick Jones via Facebook

They might look a little bit different than your average cat, but Jones urges potential adopters to look past their cover. “Don’t let their slightly funny appearance discourage you!” he says.

Image source: Patrick Jones via Facebook
Image source: Patrick Jones via Facebook

“I spent two hours with Felix and Dora when I took these photos, and they’re just the best cats. They’re affectionate, playful and adventurous.”

Image source: Patrick Jones via Facebook

We certainly hope to see these two in a forever home very soon with more updates on their success story in the future! A huge thank you for the couple that rescued them, Patrick Jones and the RSPCA and the veterinary team at Eye Clinic for Animals for working together to offer Dora and Felix the lives they deserve. You can view Felix’s adoption page here and Dora’s adoption page here! Special thanks to Love Meow for sharing this story with us.

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