Tiny Kitten Fails To Grow, But Succeeds At Stealing Hearts

“Widdle” may seem like an odd name for a cat, but it fits this New Zealand rescue kitty purrfectly! You see, Widdle is 17-weeks-old, but so far has only grown to the size of an average 7-week-old.

He arrived at a feline rescue called The Kitten Inn several weeks ago. An experienced foster mom named Jessie took him in along with his ginger sister and four other kittens from two separate litters.

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When he was first rescued, Widdle had a bit of an upper respiratory infection. With Jessie’s help, he was soon feeling much better – although he did NOT enjoy his medication!

At approximately 6 weeks of age, Widdle was the size of a 4-week-old kitten and only 2/3 the size of his sister.

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Widdle just could not seem to keep up in growth with the other fosters. At 12-weeks of age he was half the size of his sis.

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As the other kittens hit their age and weight goals, Jessie returned them to the rescue to be adopted out, but Widdle stayed behind.

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With all the extra time and attention Widdle requires, Jessie couldn’t help but fall in love. She decided to keep the little cat with the huge personality all to herself and officially adopt him!

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He is still a bit too young to undergo the tests Jessie’s veterinarian hopes will reveal the cause of his tiny stature; but other than his size, Widdle appears to be an average, healthy kitten.

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He enjoys sitting atop peoples’ shoulders when he visits Jessie at work…

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Watching the fish when he visits his dad at work…

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Playing with this pink thing…

And wearing adorably tiny Origami hats.

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He may weigh less than two pounds, but Widdle has a huge heart and a mighty spirit – what more could a cat lover ask for?

Want more Widdle? Follow him and Jessie’s ever-changing houseful of foster kitties on Instagram!


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Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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