Tiny Bottle Baby Finds A Home As Special As He Is!

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“Luey was a very special former bottle kitten who needed a forever home. He was born with ‘CH’ or Cerebellar Hyperplasia which means he is very wobbly and floppy when he walks. He doesn’t think anything is wrong with him. He may fall, but he just gets back up and continues along as if nothing is wrong. CH does not get worse as they get older, but it can get slightly better as they age. CH cats live a normal healthy life. There are no specific medical costs related to CH.

“Right now he cannot get up or down the stairs and probably won’t ever be able to go down them without just falling. He does try at times to climb onto the couch, but mostly he needs a level area to run and play. He gets along great with other cats and dogs.

“A very special family adopted Luey. His new very best friend is Jillian. She and Luey share very similar conditions as she ‘wobbles’ as well. The family took the time to prepare their home so that Luey would have a safe environment to live a healthy happy life.

“He loves to play and snuggle! He loves to be held and carried around. He purrs and purrs when you pet and hold him. He eats and drinks just fine, but the bowls do need to be heavy and on the floor for him. He can use the litter box, but again it needs to be heavy, large and low for him to get in.

“Rescue Bank allows Kitty City to rescue even the tiniest kittens. Kittens like Luey who must be bottle fed for weeks. After the weeks of formula, these kittens depend on canned food to help them transition to kibble. Without help, we would not be able to take on little guys with challenging conditions like Luey’s.”

Kitty City Kansas

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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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