This Woman Wasn’t A “Cat Person” Until They Started Showing Up At Her Door


Her house is not laced with catnip, nor do they put food around it; but for some reason, cats keep on showing up at Maria Delk’s house.

Maria lives in Rio Vista, California. Nobody knows why cats keep on appearing at Maria’s residence. They couldn’t explain it. But Maria and her family has rescued and cared for the cats that appeared and asked for her help. And since then her house has become like a sanctuary for wayward cats.

One of the kittens she rescued is named Grace. Maria and her husband were getting ready for bed when they heard Grace meowing for help.

Grace’s cries for help were persistent, so Maria’s husband went out and found the kitty on a sidewalk across the street.

Grace was very weak when they found her, and it looked like she had lost her eyes. But after bringing her to the hospital and caring for her, Grace has recovered and is now living happily at Delk’s home.

More and more cats in need appeared. It’s like one cat spread the word that this family and their house is the place to go for help. One cat that they rescued, now named Bailey, came to them with an infected mouth. And another one named Gandalf the Grey was living in the bushes.

Many of those who appeared had injuries and it’s like these cats knew that Maria and her family will always lend a helping hand.

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There are currently 9 cats living in Maria’s house, which includes 2 of Grace’s siblings. But outside her house, there are different cats that drop by, asking for food, and mainly pleading for compassion.

Delk is one of the few people in her town who has shown compassion to animals in need. Even though she didn’t used to be a “cat person,” she and her family still take time to leave food outside so the cats who come can be fed.

Maria has seen and helped countless of cats who have appeared on her doorstep. Upon seeing the growing number of cats in need of help, she is now collaborating with a humane trapper to catch some of the more elusive cats so they can have them spayed.

Because of the number of cats that have asked for help, she has become a rescuer. After all the cats she has helped, she has developed a fondness for them and she now thinks that she’s a cat lover!

Maria created an Instagram account featuring the different cats that have come to her house and asked for help.

She’s also helping them find loving, forever homes. You can follow her on Instagram to see more photos.

(h/t: The Dodo)

Written by Nicolette Mansueto
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