This Cat Was Struggling After Being Rescued From A Fire And What The Firefighters Did Was Incredible

When a cat is being rescued from a burning building, it’s not always guaranteed that they will survive. Most of these poor felines will suffer smoke inhalation and that can be life-threatening for their small bodies! When this does happen, the cats need to be treated right away. Which is exactly what these loving firefighters are doing!

Russell VanSteel, a firefighter and a member of the emergency medical team, is trying to revive a kitten who had is suffering from smoke inhalation. They were not sure if this kitty would make it but thanks to their efforts, the kitten was brought back from certain death! Don’t you just love seeing all of those big, tough firefighters taking care of such a tiny, delicate little kitten? We love it! And we’re so thankful for their kind efforts because now the family that lost everything in that fire can have their kitten back, safe and sound.

It’s always amazing to see videos like this! If you were in this family’s shoes and these firefighters managed to save your kitten, how would you thank them? <3

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Written by Courtney VanSickle
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