This Cat Was Rescued After Being Frozen In A Block Of Snow And Ice

WOW! This cat survived unthinkable circumstances and he’s lived to “tell” the story!
R.J Poulter was on Route 13 in Old Chatham, New York, when he saw a cat frozen in the snow on the side of the road. He assumed the cat was dead, due to the extremely cold weather, but as he moved closer he saw that the cat was actually breathing! He was literally frozen, completely covered in snow and ice! “It doesn’t take very long for hypothermia to set in and then death, hypothermia within 30 minutes – death obviously a little longer,” said Doctor Carlene Patterson, a vet at the hospital.

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That’s when he decided to call a local nonprofit that takes in rescues. Summer Brenna, of Little Brook Farm, said via News10 “Once we got him home we sat in front of the fire and we had towels and were massaging him and trying to warm him up.”


Thankfully he wasn’t in shock, he was only shivering. He was taken to a local vet’s office to be examined, where he showed off his friendly side and rolled around like a goofball. You can see that cute video here.


The best news is that he checked out A-Okay with a clean bill of health! The named him Rudy Valentino and they believe he’s 9 months to a year old. He has made an incredible recovery and will soon be adoptable! Safe, warm, and now Internet-famous? Not too shabby, little one! ☺


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Written by Courtney VanSickle
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