This Cat Loves Snow More Than Anyone You Know

| Published on February 19, 2015

I want this adorable cat to come teach my cat a thing or two!
Say “meow” to Nala! She’s a Norwegian Forest Cat/ Maine Coon mix living in Norway and might I add… she’s one big cute ball of fluff! Don’t believe me? This video is a lovely compilation of Nala in ALL her cuteness; I’m sure one glance and you’ll agree that she’s ADORABLE!
If she’s not snuggling you closely or stealing sips of your water, chances are you’ll find this sweetie outside… playing in the snow! YEP! All that warm fur keeps her warm and cozy enough to enjoy the snow without freezing her paws off! (Lucky girl!) ☺ So toss a snowball Nala’s way! She’ll eat it, swat it or use it to make a snow kitten! Whatever she does with the snow, I’m sure she’ll have you smiling immediately!

We love Nala, don’t you!? I wish my cat liked the snow like she does! I also kind of wish I had her fur, so I could enjoy the snow without turning into a popsicle! 😉

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