This Cat Has The Funniest Sleeping Face!


Cats are magnificent creatures. They are intelligent, cunning, they have quick reflexes, and they are absolutely beautiful. Cat have that distinct characteristic that makes them look majestic and royal.

Beautiful and majestic as they may be, they also have their quirky moments. No matter how beautiful, there are times when you just cannot hide your deepest darkest secrets. And the handsome cat in the video below has a secret that is revealed whenever he sleeps.

Meet Setsu-chan. As you can see in the photo above, he is undoubtedly a very handsome cat.

But Setsu-chan has an alter-ego–who is slowly revealed when he goes to sleep.

His alter-ego reveals himself little by little as Setsu-chan goes into a deeper sleep.

He begins to lose his poise, he loses majestic and royal look…

He just loses himself in his deep sleep…and it’s like he transforms into a different cat.

Because of how his face changes when he sleeps, he’s been given the title of the “Most Awful Sleeping Face in Japan”

Nevertheless, we still think that his sleeping face is adorable.

Because after all, sleeping is not about looking beautiful–it’s about feeling comfortable and getting some good rest!

Here’s a short video of Setsu-chan sleeping:

A video posted by mino (@mino_ris) on

No matter what you look like when you sleep, Setsu-chan, we still think you’re beautiful! So don’t you ever feel self-conscious! Just go ahead and have a good sleep!


You can view more photos and videos of Setsu-chan at his Twitter and Instagram account.


Written by Nicolette Mansueto
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