This Cat Can Fetch Faster Than Fido And That Is Just The Beginning!

Prepare to be amazed!
This ADORABLE Siberian kitten is a total ninja! Neiko is 5 months old and has mastered the game of fetch. Not to choose sides or anything, I love both dogs and cats, but I really think this cutie is faster than any retriever I’ve ever seen! (Sorry dog lovers, but seriously – this kitty is amazing!) It doesn’t stop there though! Neiko also stands on command, while giving us a little “trilling” noise, that’s sweet enough to melt your heart. But way to go, Neiko! You’re adorable, smart AND you have ninja climbing skills… you’re quite the cat! ☺
You’ve gotta check him out in action, if his skills don’t interest you, his adorable little face will!

We love Neiko! If you do too, then be sure head on over to his YouTube channel and watch him all you want!

Does your cat do any fancy tricks like standing or playing fetch? We want to hear ALL about it! Tell us in the comments section below or share a video of your cutie in action!
We can’t wait to see your talented cats!

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