Cat Needs His Owner To Understand Something Very Simple

I’m hungry and mom is asleep. I think it’s time to go and wake her up. Mom? Mommy. Mommmm…wake up, Mom! Oh wow, she won’t budge! What am I going to do now?? I want some tuna and a few treats would be just about perfect!

Sorry cat, looks like you’ll just have to wait till mom wakes up. She’s been working hard and it’s the weekend so do let her get some extra shut eye. You should have finished your meal last night and not wander off to stay up all night and only come home this morning, demanding food although I must commend you for waking mommy up so gently!

Source: Hungry cat impatiently wakes up owner by TYarber37 on Rumble

It seems like all week long we do so much work that our weekends becomes a time for luxury. It’s a time to just chill and oversleep, relax and have spend a lazy day at home. It’s also our time to bond with the family and our pets so for sure mom’s going to do exactly that as soon as she wakes up! 🙂

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