This Bossy & Clingy Cat Likes To Supervise Her Human Doing Chores


Dogs have owners, but cats…well, they have STAFF.

We cat owners know that our cats are the boss in the house. After all, we’re the ones who give them food and clean up after them. So that kinda makes us their personal butler, right? And that must be precisely why they think they’re the boss.

Now this cat named Belle has a way of showing her human she’s boss–cos just like a boss who oversees everything her employees do, this cat also supervises her human doing chores. What does she do? Here’s a glimpse:

Source: Corvus Moon Pottery - YouTube
Source: Corvus Moon Pottery – YouTube

Belle the bossy cat climbs up her human’s shoulder to see if he’s doing the dishes properly! Check out the video below!

If this cat could talk she’d probably say, “Be sure to scrubbed those dishes well, human! Look over there, you missed a spot!

I like this cat! She makes sure the chores are done properly. And I think it’s sweet that she’s also kinda clingy.

Does your cat like to watch you when you do your chores too? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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