These Majestic Photos Of Maine Coons Will Take Your Breath Away

Photographer Robert Sijka is intrigued by cats, and if you’re reading this, you probably are too. But Sijka has a gift for catching their mysterious mannerisms on film. We’re especially fond of his work with Maine Coons!

“My passion is photography and animals. Especially cats, they fascinate me the most, they are mysterious and dignified,” he explains on his website. “My goal is to show different expressions and emotions flowing from the cat’s eyes. I prefer to use a simple background and light setting which complements the cat, nothing else.”

Feast your eyes on these stunning Maine Coons, a photographer’s perfect muse!

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Can’t get enough Maine Coons? Neither can we! Check out more of Sijka’s gorgeous shots:



Special thanks to Robert Sijka for letting us share these gorgeous photos! 

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